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Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    
Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    
Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    
Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    

Looking for Wine Clubs in Melbourne?

We have one of the best subscription wine clubs in Melbourne and the best part is … you don’t have to leave your house! Despite our schedule, we always find something interesting to end our day or week with. It can be enjoying a fancy meal, going out with friends, or a shopping spree with the gal-pals. While some of us enjoy doing this, there are other individuals who enjoy going to a book club, or a wine club. Yes, you heard it right – wine clubs! Now you may be a little confused about what a wine club is or why people join wine clubs. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Subscription wine clubs in Melbourne are not just about drinking wine, but they are much more than that. Just like in book clubs, you not only read books but mingle with people and share your knowledge. In wine clubs also you interact with people and improve your knowledge of wines, have the pleasure of getting your favorite wine delivered at home and attending some fancy wine parties. 

Wine clubs have so many benefits. Why should you join a wine club?
Let us check some reasons associated with joining wine clubs…

Wine supply
You can always customise your wine delivery. Generally clubs supply 4,6, and 12 bottles monthly, quarterly or annually as per your subscription. But what if none of them is a good option for you? Don’t worry! You can always control the flow of wines. Want 2 bottles every 2 months? No problem! Suit yourself with what you prefer. This is one privilege you can get after being a member of the wine club.  

Be in your comfort
Be it busy schedules, hectic days and tiring nights, surfing the internet and finding new exciting wines in wine stores is the best way to spend time for any wine lover. Everyday work charts do not allow you to explore the world of wines. Wine clubs give you the leverage to enjoy the wine while sitting comfortably at home as they deliver you the finest wine.

Perks of being a member
Clubs often offer member discounts on premium collection or on VIP passes of wine tasting parties. They also offer free shipments and complimentary wine accessories. As a member, you can also get credit points every time you introduce a new member and receive a booklet about food pairing tips and other interesting facts about wine. Lovely, isn’t it? 

Selected by professionals
Relax and be at ease. Your delivered wine is selected by professionals and experts in the industry. Wine clubs are formed by the people who have passion for wines. Every wine club has the team experts for selecting quality wines from hundreds of sample bottles. 

Being a wine lover, subscription wine club benefits are worth taking. Most wine clubs give 100% guarantee, so taking a subscription to a wine club is never a wrong decision. Subscription wine clubs are a very cost effective way of ordering wines. They not just save your pocket but also have many other benefits. If you admire wines the most then consider getting a wine club subscription in Melbourne. Join Four Somme by Rubay Wines, one of the best clubs that offers exciting discounts for new joinings. For more details call us at 1300 796 631