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Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    
Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    
Next Day Dispatch   |   Free Shipping for orders over $45   |   Use Coupon Cheers to save 25%   |    

Looking for the Best Wine Subscription in Brisbane?

We have the perfect wine subscription for you right here in Brisbane! We all love to try different varieties of wine, right? And it is even more fun when you are with your family and friends. So, we are going to learn how to host a wine tasting party at home. A wine-tasting party is a great way to have a get together with friends and family and taste numerous varieties of wine you have never tasted before. And for that, you can take a wine subscription in Brisbane so that you can taste different flavours of wine and get it with you for a wine-tasting party at home, so your friends can also experience different varieties of wines. 

Now, if you people have never been to a wine tasting at home, then the most important question is where should you start? But don’t worry about that. We are here to guide you on how you can arrange a wine-tasting party at home and make it memorable.

Let’s have a look at some ways to get an idea about your wine-tasting party.

Blind wine tasting party
The very first way is a blind wine-tasting party. Now you people must be curious to know what kind of party this is. Relax! We are coming to that point. Blind wine tasting party is something where your friends don’t know about what type of wine they are drinking. Doesn’t that sound exciting? So basically, we put some wine bottles in bags so your friends can’t see the labels. Then you serve everyone a first taste of wine and let them talk about it and comment on how much they love it or hate it. Then they can rate which one is the best, or they can even guess which flavour of wine it is. When you’re finished tasting them all, find out who got the most answers right. You can even give out rewards. And what is the best gift than to let the winner take that whole bottle of wine at home? 

Wine and cheese party
When we think of hosting a wine-tasting party, the first thing that comes to mind (after wine, of course) is cheese or what kind of cheese to serve at the party. Hosting a wine party with cheese takes our minds one step further to think about which type of cheese goes with which kind of wine. Because there is a scientific reason behind this, let us explain it to you. Serving creamy cheese such as goat cheese or blue cheese does not go well with wine. They coat your tongue and dampen your taste buds, so the wine doesn’t taste as it should. That is why we must consider which type of cheese to serve before arranging a wine cheese party so it does not ruin your taste buds while tasting wine. 

Wine and chocolate party
Now, most of you would think it’s a weird concept, like who would go for chocolate and wine pairing? Yes, we totally understand you but that is an excellent concept. And how can you even judge if you have not tasted the duo?

When you taste it, we assure you that it will be on your list for your next wine tasting party. This concept is just similar to a wine cheese party. In this also we need to consider which type of chocolate fits with wine because there are varieties of chocolate in the market, and not every chocolate fits with every kind of wine. 

Wine and food party
If you are a little foodie or prefer more eating to less drinking wine, then you take this idea for your next wine party. This is a kind of party where you offer varieties of food dishes and pair each with different combinations of wine you and your guests like. It will turn your party into a sit-down dinner.

We hope that the above mentioned points will be helpful for your next wine tasting party. If you also want to taste different varieties of wine or you are looking for numerous types of wine for your wine party, then become a member of Four Somme, a fantastic wine club in Brisbane. Members can personalise their wine selection after obtaining a wine subscription. You can reach us at : 1300 796 631